About Our Daily Bread Ministries

Throughout the history of Our Daily Bread Ministries, we’ve been teaching the Word of God so as to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. As you’ll see in the pages of this website, Our Daily Bread Publishing has the same goal. We try to achieve our goal through every method and medium available.

As for who we’re trying to reach—our audiences are as diverse as our methods. They include pastors, counselors, laypersons, TV and radio stations, prisons, schools, businesses—any organisation with resources that can touch families, friends, and churches.

The idea is that every person we reach has the potential to shine—to spread the gospel just as Jesus commanded.

Finally, ever since M.R. DeHaan founded this ministry a half-century ago, God has blessed us immeasurably with growth and an extended “family”—like Our Daily Bread Publishing—who are committed to his foundational goals.

So in welcoming you, we also urge you to contact us. Inquire about our resources, ask questions, offer comments, whatever you desire. We’d love to hear from you. And thanks so much for your interest in Our Daily Bread Ministries.


Our Daily Bread Ministries

Our Daily Bread Ministries, Europe

At Our Daily Bread Ministries we are committed to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. We are an international Christian ministry with offices in over 20 countries, with materials published in over 30 languages and we have a range of resources to help you in your walk with the Lord.

For over 50 years, millions of readers have been using our devotionals for their moments of quiet reflection. The inspiring, life changing articles point the reader to God and the wisdom of His unchanging Word. Our vision is to see people of all nations experiencing a personal relationship with Christ, growing to be more like Him, and serving in a local body of His family.

All the Our Daily Bread Ministries Europe materials are offered without cost or obligation to ensure that no one is excluded. The founding principles of our ministry are that we control our spending based on the gifts we receive, and our experience has shown that individuals who support our efforts with their gifts help to cover the costs of those who don't. We are not funded or endowed by any group or denomination.

Within Europe we operate from offices in Minsk (Belarus), Dublin (Eire), Germany, Smolensk (Russia), Sandside (UK), and Kiev (Ukraine) distributing over 300,000 daily devotionals each quarter in a variety of languages to users stretching from Ireland across to Siberia. We also work with Ministry partners to publish in Bulgarian, Croat, Slovenian, Azerbaijani and Slovakian.

Our Daily Bread Ministries has 2 devotionals to help you in your walk with the Lord:

Our Daily Bread

Published since 1956 this is our most popular devotional with short articles relating to Bible passages. Within Europe this is available in English (regular and large print), Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Polish.

Journey Through

A recent publication, the articles are in more depth than Our Daily Bread and have a different team of writers. Within Europe this devotional is only available in English.

If you live within Europe and would like to try the devotionals then just send an e-mail to us and we'll arrange it through our nearest office.

For a copy of Our Daily Bread just e-mail, telling us which language you would like , and the name and address it should be sent to.

For a copy of the latest Journey Through book just e-mail, telling us the name and address it should be sent to.